Limited edition packaging is the carrier of a special story

Limited edition packaging is the carrier of a special story

A limited edition packaging or casual packaging, can be a good addition to or promotion of the brand. In this way, we remind consumers of the brand, a product with the addition of novelty. However, for a limited edition packaging to achieve its effects, it must be correctly designed. In fashion, there are materials and colours that are sustainable (albeit seemingly), often for the limited edition packaging, prestigious materials that emphasize its specialities are used. How widespread is the use of "limited edition" or limited edition packaging in Slovenia and how to approach the design, explains the designer Andreja Pogačar.


Companies usually use limited edition packaging, when they to present an already established product to a wider crowd or merely consolidate the relationship with existing consumers who already trust the brand. They can also be used to test the market and response from consumers to a new appearance of . Large foreign corporations already have established business practices when they first limited editions to the market and, on the basis of market responses, retain or discard the tested packaging. It is important to ensure that limited editions do not use the brand too often, as this can create confusion among consumers and lose the visibility of their basic look. The exception is if limited edition is the main principle of the brand and the brand is recognizable afterward.

A limited is suitable especially for anniversaries, cultural, sports and other events. Often it is also used by manufacturers when working with other brands. In co-operation with them, they a completely new or modified already existing product. To that, they add special packaging and launch only a certain amount of products on the market. Consequently, they can generate more products or at least increase their reputation for the brand. Because of market, Slovene companies, which only act on the Slovene market, use a limited edition packaging for products that are already basically "premium" or from a higher price range.


When designing a limited edition packaging, it is a good idea to use a story based on a special event or working with another brand as a starting point. When designing, it is necessary to take into account all the elements of the brand that the packaging will represent, and what exactly we want to tell the consumer with it.


Just the message itself, that the packaging is limited edition and, consequently, the content itself in the packaging (even if it is usual), evokes in the consumer a unique, special feeling. It is suitable for both gifting and personal pampering. Packaging is the one that makes the first contact with the consumer and often weighs whether the product will actually be purchased.


The trend in Slovenia and abroad


On the one hand, we have branches in Slovenia that use multinational companies that use limited edition packaging more often, order larger quantities and launch packages in the whole region (the countries of the former Yugoslavia). On the other hand, we have smaller producers that operate only in Slovenia, their orders are smaller, and due to lower sales, special edition packaging is difficult to afford. With small quantities, of course, high unit costs are associated. Companies abroad run in a similar way. More powerful manufacturers can devote more resources to experimenting with the packaging, smaller ones just less.


As far as the graphic image and packaging material itself is are constantly changing due to the arrival of new trends. Recently popular are materials and colours that are sustainable or at least appear to be though they are not! Several times, limited edition packaging is used for prestigious material, prestigious print, from various metal colours and foil for imprinting of inscriptions, graphics, and for more complex packaging, which require more hand-made work when packaged. Of course, in the end, one of the main decision makers is a price that is much higher in small quantities. However, if additional manual work is included, the packaging can often exceed the price of the content. The company strategically decides which price of the packaging is acceptable for them and what is the priority for them. Sometimes the prestigious packaging is a long-term investment in the brand's reputation.